Posted by: papaloa | January 1, 2009

Eastside – a great new restaurant in Kapa`a

This restaurant is the find of the season! Remember Beezers in downtown Kapa`a? Gone! and in its space a terrific new eatery with delicious food and friendly staff.  Hard as it is to open in a down economy, these folks are really trying hard to build a following.  Fresh seafood deftly seasoned is the specialty.  Fresh mahi mahi served in a light miso broth over oriental noodles was a stand out.  Even fish and chips, lightly battered and served crisp and hot, is a stand out, made with fresh mahi mahi and garnished with a generous helping of home made taro chips.  Particularly wonderful is the special sushi apetizer, with shrimp tempurs and avocado served maki style, rolled with fresh ahi–sensational! fresh and light and elegantly presented.  The dining room is small, and seems intimate rather than squashed; tables are well separated and comfortable.  Live music makes the evening pleasant, and the staff could not be more efficient.  It’s a great spot for outstanding fresh fish.  Bring your wine in from ABC across the street, as the liquor license is still in the works.  No corkage fee. Fish entrees $24. Appetizers $10-$14. Lunch and dinner daily.

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