Posted by: papaloa | December 28, 2008

Hukilau Lanai delivers great value

This dining spot tucked next to the garden of the Kauai Coast Resort delivers excellent fresh island fish. Usually more than 2 varieties, with several preparations to choose from, last night’s Opah and mahi mahi were flaky and sweet, and the shiitake mushroom broth was delicate enough to enhance the fish’s own taste without overpowering. Spice lovers will prefer the ono, perfectly grilled in a generous portion, and served over spicy white rice, so the fish was allowed to taste like itself within the complex dish. You can still fine a good list of wines advertised as ‘under $20’ including some tasty merlots. Service is friendly and efficient, and since dinners include a salad or soup, reasonably priced at about $20-$26. And the setting by the garden, open to the breezes is relaxing.

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